Newsfeeds are flooded with the time period “Ozempic Face,” which describes the speedy growing old impact weight-loss sufferers could expertise after shedding fats within the face. Rising recognition of weight-loss injections has sparked the viral phrase, however what’s taking place to the face can be taking place to the physique, say surgeons. In line with physique specialists, modifications to the face are a precursor to related changes that occur in the body. With this new wave of profitable weight reduction taking place throughout the nation, they predict an uptick in body-contouring procedures and the way they’re carried out.

Dispelling the “Ozempic Face” Fantasy

Whereas it’s straightforward responsible the drug for the lack of quantity individuals are noting as soon as they’ve reached their aim weight, it’s truly the identical course of one would expertise with gastric bypass or every other technique of huge weight reduction, says Newton Centre, MA plastic surgeon Joseph Russo, MD. “Persons are making a mountain out of a molehill with the time period ‘Ozempic Face,‘” he says. “Huge weight reduction sufferers complain of getting a deflated look after shedding a lot weight, irrespective of how they lose it.”

Waistlines Will Shrink

You would possibly suppose that after the face the subsequent locations to note a visual quantity loss is within the bust and buttocks, however Vero Seashore, FL plastic surgeon Alan Durkin, MD shares that the waistline exhibits probably the most change. “I personally have had lots of people in my apply on it and I believe we’re about two years away from seeing an enormous uptick in physique procedures due to these medication,” he explains. “The number-one change folks will see is within the stomach. They work by inducing urge for food suppression and slowing gastric motility, so that you’ll see a drop in extra physique and belly fats, and a rise within the proportion of lean physique mass.” 

Houston, TX, plastic surgeon German Newall, MD agrees that one of the constructive results of the current Ozempic-fueled weight-loss story is the discount of visceral fats. “That is the fats surrounding your organs, which can’t be eliminated utilizing liposuction,” he says. “Lack of any such fats will lead to higher aesthetic outcomes post- tummy tuck or liposuction surgical procedure.”

Breasts Might Want a Elevate

In line with Grand Rapids, MI plastic surgeon David R. Alfonso, MD, the subsequent space the place sufferers will discover probably the most quantity loss is within the breasts. “Regarding the improve in weight reduction, many sufferers will discover some modifications of their breasts, particularly with speedy loss,” explains the surgeon. “I like to recommend my sufferers be secure with their weight for a minimum of 4 to 6 months earlier than present process a body-contouring process.”

“While you’re younger your breasts are principally glandular and there may be actually isn’t a lot fats,” explains Dr. Russo. “As we become older the breasts turn into progressively fatter and fewer glandular and have a tendency to reply extra to weight acquire or loss.” Happily, quantity to the breasts will be restored with breast implant surgical procedure or fats grafting says Dr. Newall.

Much less Contouring, Extra Tightening

For a lot of weight-loss sufferers, lax pores and skin turns into the most important concern. “I believe these weight-loss medication utilized in the suitable method prescribed by the suitable physicians goes to have an amazing profit for the general public to enhance their general well being,” says La Jolla, CA plastic surgeon Robert Singer, MD. “I believe it would in the end be a growth for cosmetic surgery as a result of folks will look within the mirror, they’ll see extra laxity and so they’re going to wish to put issues again into place.”

“The opposite attention-grabbing factor, is it would change the kind of contouring that we do,” provides Dr. Durkin. “Sometimes, we plastic surgeons are higher with pores and skin than we’re with fats. Now, there’s loads less fat to contour.”

Prior Fats Transfers Might Require Revising

Speedy weight reduction may also disrupt any fats transfers somebody has undergone in a earlier breast or butt augmentation. “Grafted fats acts just like the tissue from the place it was taken, that is termed ‘donor web site reminiscence,’” notes Pittsburgh, PA plastic surgeon Jeffrey Antimarino, MD. He factors out that the most typical donor websites for fats grafting are the stomach and hips, that are additionally the most typical areas affected by weight reduction. “So, if a affected person has undergone a BBL after which has important weight reduction, they may lose quantity within the buttocks or every other space that was grafted.” 

Paradoxically, the reply to restoring quantity loss within the breast and butt is to place extra fats again in. “Simply as we’d use filler and fats switch to provide the face these youthful contours misplaced with a speedy weight reduction, we do take that very same strategy with the physique,” notes Dr. Russo.