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As fall and winter flip the nice and cozy days chilly, it’s time to collect the family members and pop open a bottle of vodka to maintain heat. Aw, hell – what are we saying? Vodka is simply as simple to drink in the summertime as it’s within the fall and winter. What’s not simple, nonetheless, is the hangover that often come after. Arguably one of many worst components of consuming.

So, is there any strategy to decide whether or not your drink will go away you waking up clear-headed vs. being hungover? The biology of how alcohol is distilled performs a giant hand figuring out this. It comes right down to congeners.

Congeners? What the heck are congeners?

To begin, most alcoholic cocktails we eat include congeners.

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Alcohol is made up of many various sorts of chemical compounds which results in the person beverage’s particular aroma and taste.

Of those chemical reactions, poisonous compounds referred to as congeners change into current throughout fermentation or distillation which contribute to hangover signs.

These chemical compounds embody:

  • Methanol: The largest contributor to hangover signs
  • Furfuryl: Stops yeast from metabolizing
  • Fusel oil: Recognized for inflicting complications and thirst
  • Tannins: Recognized for inflicting nausea/abdomen pains
  • Acetaldehyde: A poisonous byproduct of the breakdown of ethanol


Darker alcohols (whiskey, bourbon, cognac, and purple wine) are ones which include the very best ranges of congeners. Although tequila is lighter, it is usually amongst these with the very best ranges of congeners.

These sorts of drinks are these you’ll want to drink rather more flippantly attributable to hangovers being extra intense and frequent with these alcohols. It must also be identified that combining these alcohols with chasers and cocktail mixers could cause the results of congeners to be rather more outlined.

Clearer alcohols (vodka, gin, gentle rum, and lightweight beers) have a a lot decrease quantity of congeners. Amongst these alcohols, vodka incorporates virtually no congeners to talk of, making vodka the alcohol with the least congeners (and Change Vodka even much less, attributable to its distillation course of).

Usually, people who drink clearer alcohols really feel much less of the congener’s results than after consuming darker drinks.

vodka has no congeners


Darkish alcohol is given its deep colour by means of congeners.  These congeners are byproducts of sure sorts of distillation and fermentation.

Congeners are sometimes impurities which stabilize the alcohol’s style. These impurities are additionally identified to intensify your hangover.

That stated, vodka is among the finest alcohols to supply little to no hangover signs.  This is because of vodka being 40% alcohol with a big combination of water.


A wiser selection is Change vodka gentle. Change incorporates no sugar or gluten. Additionally it is very low in each carbs and energy.

Change is considered one of Colorado’s favourite vodka manufacturers. This is because of Change Vodka being distilled cleaner than most different vodkas. Change was created for individuals who search a more healthy alcohol different. Change vodka gentle is produced utilizing all-natural substances and actual fruit flavors. Change vodka makes use of all pure substances and flavors and incorporates no sugar. Change is decrease in alcohol content material (30%) and incorporates not one of the crap that contributes to terrible hangovers.


Change vodka is distilled utilizing a distillation course of referred to as iStill. Change solely makes use of the “center” a part of every distillate which ensures solely the purest of alcohol content material. The “head” and the “tail” components of the distillate are rather more saturated in toxins and dangerous chemical compounds.

You’ll be able to cut back the depth of your hangover vastly by consuming low-congener alcohol.

Change Vodka’s congeners are as little as they will get!

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Ultimately, congeners have been linked with those that expertise horrible hangovers. Congeners are chemical compounds that have an effect on your physique’s means to interrupt down the alcohol which causes the response of your hangover and the signs.

So at your subsequent celebration or celebration, give consuming Change vodka, a top quality vodka with decrease congeners, an opportunity.

The distillation course of speaks for itself.

Strive it for your self at this time!

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