Pâte Sucrée Recipe (French Candy Shortcrust Pastry)

Using fingers to press Pâte Sucrée into a tart dish

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Hello Daring Bakers!

WHY YOU WILL LOVE THIS RECIPE My Pâte Sucrée is extremely buttery, completely crumbly, frivolously candy and takes only some easy substances and as much as 15 minutes to make! 

As a professionally-trained chef, baker and the proud creator of Larger Bolder Baking, I’ve made and eaten honest shares of pies and tarts. And as you could know, I like crusts! Nonetheless, from my crumbly Cookie Curst to my flaky Pie Crust, nothing is like this one that may blind bake into a tough shell to carry juicy or gooey fillings with out turning soggy, however nonetheless stays tender and melts in your mouth identical to my shortbread cookies!

Let’s get baking!

Desk of Contents

What’s Pâte Sucrée?

“Pâte Sucrée” is a French candy enriched shortcrust pastry that’s initially for baking fruit tarts now broadly used for pies, tarts, quiche, or British flan.

  • The time period “Pâte Sucrée” pronounces like “paht s’ew/khay” and means “candy dough” in French.
  • Pâte Sucrée is buttery, frivolously candy and never overwhelming, completely crumbly however nonetheless tender to soften in your mouth.
  • The “quick” half means the crust falls aside simply into small items. The reason being that “shortcrust” has a excessive fats content material utilizing roughly twice as a lot flour as fats in weight and doesn’t use water to kind gluten strands yielding to a crumbly texture.

Pâte Sucrée pastry is pressed into a tart dish with dusting flour on the side

Pâte Sucrée Recipe Components

  • Butter

    • Butter is round 80% milk fats and 20% water. Therefore butter supplies a excessive share of fats and a low share of water to kind a crumbly texture as an alternative of chewy gluten.
    • Butter additionally deeply enriches the flavour of Pâte Sucrée.
  • Granulated sugar

    • Granulated sugar sweetens the pastry to some extent that’s not overwhelming.
    • Granulated sugar aerates the pastry by incorporating air and retaining air. When sugar is overwhelmed with butter, it dissolves within the movie on the floor of the air bubbles. This sugary syrup movie prevents the bubbles from drying out and tightening up too quick.
  • Egg yolks

    • Egg yolks bind substances. As a result of egg yolks are one kind of surfactant and include an emulsifier known as lecithin which may decrease the floor stress between fats and water. Because of this, this averages the 2 densities to carry the 2 collectively right into a homogenous combination on the similar density. “Whisking” is the centripetal power to make this occur. 
    • Egg yolks enrich the flavour.
  • Heavy cream

    • Heavy cream supplies moisture to forestall this Pâte Scurée pastry from getting robust.
    • Heavy cream enriches the flavour with high-fat content material.
    • You may also use canned coconut milk as an alternative.
  • All-purpose flour

    • All-purpose flour supplies a base for this shortcrust pastry crust.
    • All-purpose flour has protein content material round 11th of September% which is ideal for forming the wanted quantity of gluten to carry form and deal with moisture with out being chewy.

Find out how to Make Pâte Sucrée

  1. Creaming butter and sugar:

    • Make positive your butter is softened accurately: if you push the butter and it makes an indent, however your finger doesn’t simply squish proper by means of.

    • Cream butter, sugar and salt collectively on excessive pace till gentle and creamy, about 3 minutes. This may construct a gentle and pliable construction to carry different substances. In any other case your pastry will be brittle and arduous to deal with.

  2. Emulsifying:

    • Add the egg yolks, separately, adopted by the cream, and beat till blended. This may construct a homogenous combination with out oily outcomes.

    • Scrape down the perimeters of the bowl to make sure even mixing.

  3. Including flour:

    • Add the flour and blend simply till mixed and varieties a ball.
    • This may kind an ideal pliable and tender gluten community for Pâte Sucrée.
  4. Shaping:

    • Press the comfortable dough immediately right into a tart pan together with your fingers or flatten right into a disc, wrap nicely and refrigerate till prepared to make use of.

    • If the dough is chilled, rolling out is the perfect technique. Trim away any extra dough and reserve for potential cracks.

Using fingers to press Pâte Sucrée pastry into a tart dish. Pâte Sucrée can also be rolled out if chilled.

What Is The Distinction Between Pâte Sucrée And Pâte Brisée?

Pâte Sucrée and Pate Brisée are each French pastry crusts used to make tarts and pies. Whereas they’ve comparable appearances, a number of variations of their makes use of, substances, style, and textures set them aside:

  1. Definitions & nature:

    • Pâte Sucrée (Pronounced: paht s’ew/kray): Pâte Sucrée is a candy French shortcrust pastry used to make tart crusts.
    • Pâte brisée (Pronounced: paht bree/zay): Pate Brisée is a savory French pastry dough used to make pies, quiches, and tarts.
  2. Methods:

    • Pâte Sucrée makes use of SOFTENED (room temperature) butter to cream with sugar till gentle and fluffy. The additional creaming course of incorporates in air to aerate the crumbly crust to make it tender on the similar time. 
    • Pâte brisémakes use of COLD butter like most different crusts do. These kind of crusts depend on water content material in COLD butter butter to evaporate and increase to make the crust rise however no a lot because the creaming butter and sugar technique does. 
  3. Style:

    • Pâte Sucrée is sweeter from the additional quantity of sugar. Comparatively, 
    • Pâte Brisée is on the savory aspect.
  4. Texture (water & fats content material):

    • Pâte Sucrée incorporates NO water and has a decrease butter to flour ratio which implies containing extra flour and fewer butter, which makes Pâte Sucrée is extra like shortbread cookies. Comparatively, 
    • Pâte Brisée incorporates WATER and has a better butter to flour ratio, which varieties extra gluten to make it extra like a flaky pie dough.

Find out how to Retailer a Pâte Sucrée (French Candy Shortcrust Pastry)?

Pate sucree will be made, wrapped and frozen for as much as 8 weeks. Defrost within the fridge in a single day and use as recipe directs. Do this out together with your favourite Pies & Tarts recipes!

Find out how to Blind Bake a Pâte Sucrée pastry?

Observe detailed directions and professional ideas in my article How To Blind Bake A Pie Crust, you’ll get pleasure from your Pâte Sucrée.

French shortcrust pastry in a tart dish lined with parchment paper and pie weights, with dusting flour in a measuring cup on the side, ready to blind bake


Why does Pâte Sucrée use softened butter as an alternative of chilly butter?

Though for many crusts chilly butter is used, the blending technique for this crust will use softened butter and the creaming technique, which creates a young, cookie-like crust texture as an alternative of a flaky crust.

How do I make Pâte Sucrée much less candy?

For a much less candy crust, you possibly can scale back the sugar right down to 1 tablespoon, however you’ll lose a number of the tenderness. As a result of much less sugar means much less air and fewer lightness.


Gemma’s Professional Chef Ideas

  • For a firmer crust, exchange the egg yolks and cream with 1 entire giant egg.
  • For a fast tart, blind bake this crust, fill with Easy Pastry Cream or Lemon Curd and sliced contemporary fruit or berries.
  • This crust freezes nicely, so to avoid wasting time sooner or later, make a number of crusts and freeze the additional.
  • finest to make use of an electrical hand mixer of stand mixer to make this pastry to make sure correct creaming
  • You should use your fingers to press this pastry right into a pie pan or you possibly can chill it and roll it.
    • This may make Pâte Scurée much less susceptible to ripping
    • and can put much less stress to make sure its tenderness.

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