OnePlus 5G use the Best Phone to Be Launched in Finland by June 2019, in Partnership With Elisa

OnePlus 5G use the Best Phone to Be Launched

OnePlus 5G use the Best Phone to Be Launched in Finland by June 2019, in Partnership With Elisa


OnePlus MWC next week will display a prototype 5G phone in 2019
• After EE in the UK, partnership with Elisa for OnePlus is second
• The price of the 5G OnePlus phone is $ 300 more than the current model
OnePlus has announced that its upcoming 5G phonewill be sold in Finlandin the second quarter of 2019, which is in partnership with the country’s top mobile service provider, Elisa.
According to OnePlus, Elisa will be one of the world’s first operators to launch commercial 5G networks.
Both companies have worked together for years, and according to a press statement, Elisa was in fact the first network operator with whom OnePlus had ever partnered.
Further companies say that OnePlus phones have been Elisa’sbest-selling model since the past 26 months.
OnePlusco-founder Carl Pei spoke for the first time in the MWC Shanghai in June about 5G devices, and confirmed its strategy at the Qualcomm 4G / 5G Summitin October.
At that time, OnePlus had said that the device will be launched in the first half of 2019.
In the past few months, more information has been revealed, with the fact that it will be a standalone model, not requisite OnePlus 7, which has changed soon, OnePlus 6T The company has also said that the price of the 5G phone will be $ 200-300 more than its existing models.
Recently, OnePlus has said that he will be demonstrating a prototype 5G device in Qualcomm’s partnership in MWC 2019, which will be held in Barcelonanext week.
While avoiding the speed and latency benefits of 5G networks, OnePlus also indicated that gaming would be a major demonstration.
Qualcomm will show its own 5G modem and cellular device on the upcoming 5G network with the upcoming 5G network.
OnePlus had earlier announced partnership with EE to launch the anonymous 5G OnePlusPhone in the UK this year, stating that it would be the first 5G phone to go on sale.
The company is actively engaged in developing more partnerships around the world.
There is no word about when or how such a device can come in India, but here the carrier has not announced the solid 5G rollout plans, so this

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