Mi 9 Gets Highest Ever DxOMark Score for the Best Video, Ranked Second-Highest for Overall Camera Quality 2019

Mi 9 Gets Highest Ever DxOMark Score for the Best Video, Ranked Second-Highest for Overall Camera Quality

Mi 9 Gets Highest Ever DxOMark Score for the Best Video, Ranked Second-Highest for Overall Camera Quality 


• Mi 9 is the first place leaving Huawei Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro behind
• The 999 Mi 9 video score is the highest among all tested phones
• The new competition of several companies will be launched soon in MWC 2019
Recently announced Xiaomi Mi 9 is drawing considerable attention due to features such as its price, design and in-display fingerprint sensor.
Xiaomi has announced the Mi9 with the more flawless Mi 9 SE in the Flasher Mi 9 Transparent Edition and today in China.
All three devices will go on sale in Chinaon February 26, in which pre-orders are already open.
Global pricing and availability is to be announced in Xiaomi’s MWC 2019 event in a few days.
While the Mi9 SE has mid-range specifications, the Mi 9 and Mi 9 Transperant editions both have Qualcomm’s brand-new flagship-class Snapdragon 855 processor and 20W wireless charging, which Xiaomi says is a world .
Although all three can claim top-end Sony IMX586 sensors for their primary rear cameras.
 In addition to having more RAM, Mi 9 Transparent Edition has been equipped with a superior 7P lens with the maximum duration of f / 1.47 for its primary rear camera.
At the launch of its new M9 series, Xiaomi also announced that the famous camera quality evaluation firm DxOMark gave the rating of Mi 9 to 107, which is second to the current smartphone leaderboard. Separate ratings are not announced for Mi 9 Transparent Edition and Mi 9 SE, and it is unclear whether they share the rating or not.
This keeps the new Xiaomi Mi 9 only behind the Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro 44 71,446 (review) and P20 Pro (117,119 (review), both of which are ranked first with a score of 109.
However, its video is sub- The score is 99, most of which have been acquired by any phone that has been tested by DxOMark.
Two phones of Huawei still beat the Mi9 in terms of pictures and therefore Xiaomi is still looking for less average among its still and video scores Got out at the place
According to DxOMark, MI9 captures high-quality images with constant exposure, pleasant color, good white balance, instant autofocus, and controlled noise, in almost all situations.
The company evaluates still photos and videos based on exposure, color, autofocus, texture, noise and artifacts. Stabilization is also evaluated for the still, while there is also a factor in the score of the flash, zoom capability and the scoop of the Bokeh quality still.
DxOMark also praised the 2x optical zoom lens in the Mi9‘ssecondary 12-megapixel camera, but it was said that there was scope for improvement in the dynamic range, which lacked the shaded and brightest areas of some high-contrast scenes.
When the details were not correct with other flagship-class phones, including iPhone Zoom Max, when the photos were zoomed.
When it comes to video recording, DxOMark said that the default resolution is 4K and stabilization still works.
The details captured in bright light were said to be excellent, and autofocus was consistent in the firm’s tests.
DxOMark concludes that Mi 9’scameras have no major drawbacks, and Xiaomi can now be counted as one of the top smartphone camera manufacturers in the world.
Mi9’s front camera was not evaluated, and DxOMark published different scores for some phone’s front cameras.


 In addition, while Xiaomi can claim to be the first maker with Snapdragon 855 smartphone based on the processor, it can soon be knocked out of its top spots, because Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony and others expected their announcement MWC’s most recent flags in or around 2019 which are being created in a few days.


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