Lenovo Returns to Profit on the Best Mobile, PC, and Smart Devices Growth 2019


Lenovo Returns to Profit on the Best Mobile, PC,

Lenovo Returns to Profit on the Best Mobile, PC, and Smart Devices Growth 2019, LenovoGroup, the world’s largest personal computer manufacturer, has performed better than quarterly results and has reduced the impact of the success of the China-US trade war, which has grown at 11% by three years.
China and the US Dual Headquarters are hopeful of further development in Chinaand will focus on the premium market, CEO and Chairman Reuters is based on strong performance in four years, the highest growth is its main trading group.
 it will affect all multinationals, not just us.”
On Thursday, Lenovo shares rose 11.4 percent, which were ready for their best one-day profit in almost 10 years and added about $ 1 billion (about 7,100 crore) of their market value.
Young said that Leonovo is well prepared for geopolitical and economic instability because its manufacturing facilities have spread across China, America, India, Brazil, Japan and Mexico, making sure a permanent supply is made.
Lenovoaccounts for 31 percent of the total United States revenue and 26 percent from China, for IBM personal computers and server businesses.
The total profit for the quarter was $ 23.3 million, tax reform by the $ 10 million analysts collected by the refiners, $ 207 million, and US $ 289 million in the same period a year ago. .
Lenovo said 24.6 percent of its PC market share increased and it expanded into the premium market like workstations, thin and light PCs and gaming pc.
The total income in the quarter rose 8.5 percent to $ 14.04 billion, its PC and smart device group increased by 12 percent to 10.9 billion dollars.
Industry tracker Gartner said last month PC shipments decreased 4.3 percent in the fourth quarter and 1.3 percent in the last few months, but the top three vendors – Lenovo, HP and Dell – reported total sales of shares in their fourth-share market. 63 percent increase 59 percent!
Lenovo’smobile phone business registered pre-tax profit of US $ 3 million, its first pre-tax profit struggled to buy Motorola mobile business and consolidate assets for $ 2.9 billion in 2014.
But revenue revenues have dropped by 20 percent, Lenovo is responsible for the collapse of the strategy to focus on the main market.
Young said he hopes the PC market will be strong and Lenovowill take advantage of the appropriate scope.
He also said that the group has seen the potential for further growth in the China PC market, which still lag behind the sales and revenues of American art.
“It’s not according to our population,” Yang said, in terms of China‘s smartphones and automobiles market, which is the largest in the world.
Lenovo‘s Data Centerbusiness loss was limited to 86 million dollars from $ 55 million a year ago, revenue income increased 31 percent.
Young said that this new segment of the American Cloud Storage company will be expanded to NETAP, and even denies breaking the target.

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