Intel Acqui-Hires Hyderabad-Based Ineda Systems to Best Work on GPUs 2019


Intel Acqui-Hires Hyderabad-Based Ineda

Intel Acqui-Hires Hyderabad-Based Ineda 


• The Inda engineering team will work with Intel’s GPU team
• Financial details of the deal is a mystery
• Ida system was established in 2011 by Balaji Kanichirella
Chip’s giant Intel has acquired the engineering system of Hyderabadbased India for the undeclared amount.
Chipmaker is planning to use the team to develop discrete GPU chips.
Intel had disclosed in the beginning of 2018 that it is re-entering discrete graphics market and officially introduced its new discrete GPU in 2020 to like Nvidia and AMD in the segment.
Ineda acqui-hire Santa Clara, a California-based company, will help quickly ramp to the GPU team.
Confirming the deal, Intel’s spokesperson said, “Intel acquired engineering resources from anaeda systems based in Hyderabad, a silicon and platform service provider.
” “This transaction provides Intel with an experienced SoC team to help create a world-class discrete GPU business.”
Established until 2011 by Balaji Kanye Gherla, Ineda Systems develops low-power SoCs in the enterprise system as well as enterprise systems and mainly wearebles and IoT segments.
In addition, the company is working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Self-Driving Hardware System, in which the company has its own silicon.
Financial details of the Intel-Ineda Systems deal are unclear at this moment. According to Prabhbabs data, so far, Inada has raised $ 43.3 million (about Rs 309 crore) in four funding funds.
Some of the company’s major investors include Cisco, Walden Riverwood Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, as well as the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center.
According to a report from VcCircle, Ineda team will join Intel, but the company will be present as a separate entity.
Prior to this, Intel had hired King Koduri of AMD to lead the Core and Visual Computing Group, which has been entrusted with the task of developing a discrete GPU.
 In December 2018, the company introduced the first glance on the upcoming discrete GPU chips, which would make XE branding.

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