How A lot Caffeine Is in Dutch Bros Espresso Americano? 2023 Breakdown

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It’s unsurprising to espresso fanatics that espresso is likely one of the world’s most consumed drinks. For instance, in 2020, almost 22 million kilos of espresso had been consumed worldwide. In the USA, 3 out of each 4 adults drink not less than 1 cup of espresso every day, and almost 80% drink 2+ cups every day.

Some of the fashionable espresso manufacturers within the U.S. is Dutch Bros. How fashionable?  Surprisingly, Dutch Bros. is extra fashionable than Starbucks and Dunkin. Are you questioning how a lot caffeine is in Dutch Bros Espresso Americano? In each the 12-ounce and 16-ounce servings, there are 94 milligrams. We’ll examine Dutch Bros. to different main manufacturers to offer you an thought of the way it stacks up.

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How A lot Caffeine Does Espresso Comprise?

Typically, you’ll discover between 80 and 100 milligrams per cup. After all, most espresso drinks aren’t served by the cup lately, with espresso sellers content material to promote 12-ounce, 16-ounce, and 20-ounce servings as a substitute.

Dutch Bros. serves all three of those fashionable espresso drink sizes, however the quantity of caffeine in every varies considerably relying on the precise drink being ordered. For instance, the corporate’s 12-ounce Dutch Espresso accommodates about 47 milligrams of caffeine, however the identical drink in 20 ounces has 140 milligrams. Why? As a result of a 12-ounce Dutch Espresso has 1 shot of espresso whereas a 20-ounce accommodates 3 photographs.

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Caffeine Content material of Dutch Bros. Merchandise

Beneath we’ve listed the drinks Dutch Bros. sells and their respective caffeine content material based mostly on 16 fluid ounces. Please notice that, the place vital, we’ve rounded as much as the closest complete quantity. As a result of they are often blended, the caffeine content material will be barely roughly per drink.

Dutch Bros. Drink 16 oz
Espresso Americano 94 mg
Cafe Au Lait 94 mg
Dutch Espresso 94 mg
Dutch Mocha 102 mg
Cappuccino 94 mg
Breve 94 mg
Chi Latte 49 mg
Double Torture 130 mg
911 Breve 281 mg
Iced Dutch Latte 94 mg
Iced Dutch Mocha 102 mg
Freeze 94 mg
Iced Double Torture 130 mg
Double Torture Freeze 130 mg
Iced 911 281 mg
911 Freeze 281 mg
Dutch Chilly Brew 293 mg
Iced Chai Latte 57 mg
Blended Chai Latte 41 mg

Caffeine Content material of Dutch Bros. vs Different Fashionable Espresso Chains

Beneath we’ve listed the caffeine content material of a daily 16-ounce cup of espresso at a number of the hottest espresso chains in the USA. Discover that, although the quantity of drink is similar in ounces, the caffeine content material varies considerably.

Espresso Chain 16 oz Espresso
Dutch Bros. Espresso Americano 94 mg
Starbucks Grande Espresso 330 mg
Caribou Brewed Espresso 305 mg
Costa Espresso 291 mg
Peet’s Brewed Espresso 267 mg
Dunkin Medium Espresso (14 oz) 210 mg
Panera Bread Espresso 189 mg
Tim Horton’s Brewed Espresso 160 mg
McDonalds Espresso 145 mg
Caffe Nero Espresso 80 mg

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All About Brewed Espresso

Brewing is the tactic of selection for most individuals when making espresso. The brewing course of extracts the soluble supplies in roasted, floor espresso beans, extracting varied compounds, together with caffeine. A number of brewing strategies can be utilized, together with the next:


The immersion methodology includes submerging espresso grounds in sizzling water and ready for the soluble compounds to be extracted. The preferred type of immersion brewing is the French press, however there are a number of different strategies.


For those who’ve ever seen or owned a Mr. Espresso machine, you’ve seen percolation brewing in motion. Percolation is when sizzling water flows continuously over the espresso grounds and drips down by way of a paper filter into the espresso pot.

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Whereas espresso is a type of percolation, the massive distinction is that it’s made by forcing sizzling water by way of the espresso grounds below excessive strain. Additionally, the brew ratio of the espresso is larger as a result of the method is extra environment friendly.

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Enjoyable Details About Espresso

Espresso Beans Aren’t Beans

They’re truly seeds present in espresso cherries, a fruit.

The Most Costly Espresso within the World Has Been Digested First

The espresso cherries are eaten by the Asian Palm Civet, which poops out the espresso beans earlier than they’re roasted and floor like common espresso beans.

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Finland Drinks the Most Espresso

The typical Finnish individual drinks almost 28 kilos value of espresso per 12 months.

Espresso Was Found Round 800 AD

Goat herders on the time seen that their goats had been very completely satisfied after consuming espresso cherries, doubtless as a result of caffeine.

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Remaining Ideas

Dutch Bros. espresso is a extensively recognized and beloved model in the USA, and the chain’s Espresso Americano is one in every of their hottest drinks. With 94 milligrams of caffeine, it’s not essentially the most or least caffeinated of the model’s espresso drinks. Nevertheless, Dutch Bros brewed espresso has a reasonably low quantity of caffeine in comparison with different manufacturers.

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