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The Durian, hailed because the “King of Fruits”, might be the world´s most divisive fruit.

These of us who adore it can passionately go on and on about its beautiful and distinctive style, luxurious butter-like texture and compelling perfume. However those that don’t adore it often are inclined to hate it, being equally passionately prepared to specific their disgust by nearly each facet of the fruit, notably its overpowering pungent odour odor.

The Durian grows on bushes native to Southeast Asia, extra particularly the areas of Borneo and Sumatra. Right this moment, the recognition of the fruit has led to large-scale plantations in a number of different nations within the area reminiscent of Malaysia and Thailand, sadly with corresponding considerations about deforestation and different detrimental environmental impacts.

Whereas some have accorded aphrodisiac qualities to the fruit, it’s in all probability its distinctive flavour, texture and odor that has received over its many followers. However whereas Durian could also be “an acquired style”, it doesn’t actually clarify the why some folks merely can’t stand the fruit!

The fetid odor – which may change from fruit to fruit – might be a big a part of the explanation. As you’ll have heard, a variety of inns and the subway in Singapore received’t will let you deliver Durian fruits with you! That mentioned, the extent of ripeness additionally performs in – even most followers have a tendency to remain away from overripe Durians.




Sure, indicators like this one (from the Singapore subway) makes Durians look fairly unhealthy. Nevertheless, most venues like inns and transport corporations in all probability have basic guidelines asking you to not deliver too smelly or in any other case obnoxious stuff liable to upset fellow clients.





Nevertheless, those that defy the aroma and dare to provide the fruit an opportunity could develop a life-long love for the fruit!  So put your detrimental prejudices on maintain – it’s possible you’ll be pleasantly stunned by the distinctive and butter-like consistency and a flavour fairly not like most the rest!


Durian ice cream in two other ways

Even in Asia, Durian fruits are typically costly. Getting maintain of them in different components of the world are typically prohibitively costly.

With no reasonable hopes of ever getting maintain of contemporary fruit the place I’m primarily based, I opted for the (nonetheless costly however) extra accessible different: vacuum dehydrated fruit. Even a small bag was pricey however its content material would suffice for not less than two treasured batches.

Dehydrated Durian fruit – costly however nice for ice cream! Whereas it actually can not examine with the sweetness and form(s) of the contemporary fruit, the real Durian flavour is fortunately carried forth (and the particular butter-like consistency is properly translated into the ultimate ice cream)!

I can´t vouch for different fruit, however the dehydrated durian labored marvellously! Most significantly, it actually carried the flavour ahead. However it additionally had had different ice cream-.constructive qualities: the dehydrated fruit contained no added water (all the time simplifies issues in ice cream making) and the brittle items have been simply crushed/pulverized and dispersed into the remainder of the bottom.

First and simple model, or Methods to make it with out an ice cream machine

Sure, you can also make a wonderful Durian ice cream even with out an ice cream machine. Being on trip and feeling the urge to make one other batch to supply my brother (additionally a fan), I made an very simple model primarily based on sweetened condensed milk and cream, doable to still-freeze within the family freezer.

Does it work? Sure! Those that examined have been fairly lyrical, so it is a completely strong choice!

All it is advisable to do is 1) whip some cream, 2) add the sweetened condensed milk, and three) add the crushed/pulverized durian fruit. Stir all of it, pour it right into a container and put in your freezer (see the still-freeze directions within the hyperlink above) till the ice cream lastly has settled: that’s all!


Second and extra custard-like model (with or with out egg)

If in case you have an ice cream machine, that is the custard-like approach I attempted. “Custard-like”? Properly, this ice cream could be made with or with out eggs however the finish end result will in each circumstances be quite comparable (and custard-like).

When you want to go with out eggs, observe my instance and substitute the eggs with a really small quantity of Tara gum: a really versatile (and quite pure) stabiliser derived from the Peruvian Tara tree that may guarantee a fantastic consistency even within the absence of eggs ;-). Tara gum doesn’t require very excessive temperatures to set off the stabilising qualities – very sensible!

Begin by crushing/pulverizing the dehydrated fruit. Fragile because the items are, this needs to be very easy – use a mortar or a gavel!

Now select between utilizing Tara gum (and no eggs), or egg yolks (and no Tara gum).

If utilizing Tara gum, combine the miniscule quantity you’ll want with some sugar: this to keep away from the gum lumping collectively when combined into the liquid remainder of the bottom later.

Tara gum – a really small amount goes a good distance.





If utilizing, mixing stabilisers just like the Tara gum with some sugar is an excellent approach of avoiding lumping.


Now, allow us to combine the custard(like) base: should you use the Tara gum, whisk the tara/sugar combine along with the remainder of the bottom (the milk, the cream, the vanilla and the remainder of the sugar(s)).  Add the crushed/pulverized durian fruit and convey to the so-called Nappe stage (roughly within the 82-84º C /180-183ºF-bracket. Thoughts you – since there isn’t any must pasteurise any eggs right here, you’d strictly talking solely must go as much as about 80º C /176º F to completely activate the Tara gum’s stabilising qualities)

Not utilizing Tara gum? Simply add the choice egg yolks to the remainder of the bottom and – whereas whisking repeatedly – deliver all of it to the Nappe stage!

The bottom on its strategy to the Nappe stage (or barely decrease than that, if utilizing the Tara gum)


As soon as the bottom has reached its desired temperature, take off from the range and let quiet down.


The bottom, now prepared to chill down and chill.


As soon as cooled down, put the bottom within the fridge to relax for just a few hours or over evening earlier than churning it in your ice cream machine.


Churning about to complete



An excellent and extremely divisive ice cream


Freshly churned Durian ice cream


Have you ever tried Durian fruit earlier than and adore it, I believe it’s protected to say that you just additionally will love this Durian ice cream!

Have you ever tried Durian earlier than and disliked it, the percentages could be worse.

In my family, I appear to be the one one who loves Durian. Whereas I cherished the ice cream, I’m unhappy to report that different relations discovered it completely disgusting :-/

(However I also needs to add that one among my nephews – in any other case not overly eager on Durian fruit – thought-about the Durian ice cream a lot tastier than the fruit itself: a constructive assessment that warmed my Durian-loving coronary heart 🙂 )

Fortunately, we’re nonetheless many who deeply cherish this peculiar fruit and its distinctive flavour. Would possibly you be one among us?

If in case you have not tried Durian earlier than, I hope you’ll hold an open thoughts and take a look at what in all probability have to be one of the distinctive and divisive flavours present!

Durian ice cream (dehydrated fruit-style)



  • 350 ml (scant 1,5 cup) milk
  • 350 ml (scant 1,5 cup) cream
  • 240 ml (about 1 cup) sugar
  • 1-2 tablespoons inverted sugar (corn syrup, glucose or their likes)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla powder
  • about 35 gram dehydrated Durian fruit
  • About 6 gram (about 1 teaspoon) Tara gum (alternatively 5 egg yolks)
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 500 ml (about 2.1 cups) cream (reasonably whipped)
  • about 30 gram dehydrated Durian fruit, crushed/pulverized
  1. Begin by crushing /pulverizing the dehydrated items of fruit.
  1. Combine the cream, the milk, the sugar(s) and the vanilla in a sauce pan (if utilizing Tara gum, combine it with among the sugar earlier than including it. If utilizing egg yolks as a substitute, add them with the remainder of the components).
  2. Add the crushed/pulverized fruit to the remainder of the bottom.
  3. Whereas whisking repeatedly, deliver the combination to the so-called Nappe stage (roughly within the 82-84º C /180-183ºF-bracket. If not utilizing egg yolks however Tara gum, it’s adequate should you deliver the bottom to about 80º C /176º F)..
  4. As soon as achieved, take off from the range and let quiet down, then chill for just a few hours or ideally over evening.
  5. Churn in your ice cream machine.
  6. Get pleasure from contemporary or pour right into a freezer-safe container, cowl with plastic movie and put within the freezer.
  1. Whip the cream and mix with the sweetened condensed milk.
  2. Add the crushed/pulverized fruit and mix properly.
  3. Pour right into a freezer-safe container and put in your family freezer.
  4. For finest outcomes, still-freeze by checking in your ice cream each different hour or so for the primary hours of freezing after which whish round with a fork or comparable: this to even out the freezing, add some air to the ice cream and enhance the ultimate end result..


Durian ice cream – now firmed up after a while within the freezer.

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