Catering Professional Suggestions for Presenting Irresistible Fruit Platters

Create tantalizing fruit platters for buffets, snack bars, and catered occasions. Learn on to study catering professional suggestions for presenting irresistible fruit platters.

1. Reduce Following the Fruits’ Contours

Regardless of the fruit’s dimension or the thickness of its pores and skin, observe the fruit’s contours as you chop. Doing so will protect the fruit’s stunning look and save as a lot of the edible flesh as attainable.

Skewers make choosing up chunkier cuts of fruit simpler, whereas tongs and cutlery are higher for skinny slices. Think about chopping a number of the fruit in enjoyable shapes for a enjoyable accent. Zig-zag cuts work nicely on melons, kiwis, and citrus.

You don’t have to chop and peel all of the fruit you place on the platter. Suppose virtually about what’s going to finest serve the visitors. For instance, consuming a watermelon wedge with the peel nonetheless on it’s straightforward, however leaving the pores and skin on the pineapple creates a extra stringy texture.

An expert pineapple chopping machine, like Juicernet’s Stainless Metal Pineapple Corer HO3, removes the pores and skin and the fibrous heart with out losing the fruit. You’ll have presentation-ready pineapple in moments.

2. Show Numerous Colours and Textures

One other catering professional tip for presenting irresistible fruit platters is to function an array of colours and textures. Fruit platters carry the colour wheel to life. Strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, oranges, and kiwis are fashionable and colourful choices for a fruit platter.

You’ll be able to create a extra dynamic show by chopping some fruit to disclose the insides. For instance, lower strawberries in half lengthwise however go away the halves connected on the tops. Then, whenever you plate the strawberries, fan them out. Diners will see the fruit’s inside and exterior colours and patterns.

Pears, apples, and bananas flip brown shortly. With these fruits, think about inserting them entire on the platter. You can even preserve grapes in bunches to forestall them from rolling off the platter.

3. Prepare an Interesting Design

Prepare fruit on a plate that doesn’t function a heavy sample. You’ll be able to select between inserting fruit in a symmetrical or summary design. Place fruit ranging from the middle of the plate and work your method out to attenuate small gaps that may be laborious to fill.

Fan out the fruit slices to create a bountiful show. If the fruit doesn’t lay neatly on the plate, trim it as wanted.

Because the fruit radiates from the middle, think about inserting taller objects at the focus. You’ll be able to put a bunch of grapes on the heart and canopy the stalk by inserting the grapes the wrong way up.

Think about together with non-fruit choices equivalent to pretzels, nuts, marshmallows, and dips. Place this stuff in little bowls all through the tray so as to add extra dimension and preserve them dry. Lastly, fill the gaps with berries and sprigs of contemporary herbs equivalent to mint, rosemary, or thyme.

Correct meals prep makes all of the distinction in your fruit platter. Juicernet’s pineapple cutters make it simpler to create fruit shows that wow. Store with us at the moment for skilled gear.

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