Bridal Tears — Cake Wrecks

Er….Is your cake erupting? 

 Oh! That is simply the topper at an odd angle. Sorry. Anyway, that cake is simply…unhappy. Actually, I can not consider some other phrase for it. Prefer it’s shuffling dejectedly down the sidewalk and sighing loads, and also you simply wish to give it a hug. Or throw a towel over it.

Thanks once more to all of right now’s brides for letting us chortle together with them – assuming, after all, that you simply’re laughing by now, girls. If not, then thanks for letting us gasp in horror and yell issues like  “Doofin’ FINKEL Shmirtz!!” on the display.

(Why, sure, I have began watching Phineas and Ferb not too long ago. Why do you ask?)


P.S. Want to cover your eyes *and* take heed to music or an excellent podcast? Then verify THESE infants out:

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