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Are Copper Mugs Safe? What You Need To Know About Copper Poisoning

Making a cold drink in a copper mug

Copper mugs have change into more and more fashionable for serving cocktails just like the Moscow Mule, however issues concerning the security of ingesting from copper vessels have additionally surfaced. It’s because placing an acidic drink in a copper cup could cause a response that might erode its lining, elevating the copper stage and ultimately poisoning the drink.

Nevertheless, copper mugs are protected for meals and drinks if lined with a non-reactive steel resembling nickel or chrome steel. Simply maintain your drink from sitting for too lengthy, not more than 2 hours most, otherwise you run the danger of copper poisoning.

To finish the controversy about whether or not copper mugs are protected, we now have compiled all of the related info on this article.

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What’s with Moscow Mule Copper Mugs?

What's with Moscow Mule Copper Mugs?

The well-known Moscow Mule is historically served in a copper mug, which has change into as iconic with the cocktail as a stemmed glass with a martini or a skinny flute with champagne. Merely put, a Moscow Mule shouldn’t be a Moscow Mule if it isn’t in a steel cup. This element makes this drink distinctive and has helped make it well-known.

However the drinkware’s important function shouldn’t be its seems. Copper maintains the drink’s chilly and battle temperatures longer than common glasses. Some folks say copper additionally provides the drink a singular metallic taste, however that is simply their opinion.

Historical past of Copper in Well being Care

History of Copper in Health Care

Picture by COPPER H20

Since historic instances, copper has been valued for its antibacterial properties. The traditional Egyptians related the steel with everlasting life. In addition they used copper extensively to make pots, mirrors, jewellery, and weapons. Whereas copper has many makes use of, one of the vital vital is to make protected water storage vessels.

On account of this discovery, some cultures, such because the Hindus, used copper of their drugs. Ayurvedic drugs took it one step additional and acknowledged that copper was an vital steel for the well being of the human physique.

FDA Warning In opposition to the Use of Copper Mugs

FDA Warning Against the Use of Copper Mugs

The rising reputation of Moscow Mules has raised issues concerning the security of copper mugs with this beverage. 

Many states, together with Iowa, have adopted the federal Meals and Drug Administration’s Mannequin Meals Code, which forbids copper from coming into direct contact with meals with pH ranges decrease than 6.0. Vinegar, apple juice, and wine have pH ranges decrease than 6.0.

A traditional Moscow Mule has a pH of lower than 6.0. Which means that copper mugs with a copper inside will not be permitted for use with this beverage. Copper mugs coated on the within with one other steel, resembling nickel or chrome steel, are allowed and incessantly out there.

The assertion says that top ranges of copper are toxic and have induced sicknesses that unfold by way of meals. Copper can get into acidic meals when copper and copper alloys are available in contact with them.

When water and carbon dioxide are blended, they make an acid. This acid leaches copper from the plumbing components, and the leachate then will get into drinks and causes copper poisoning.

What’s the Reality About Copper Mug Poisoning?

What’s the Truth About Copper Mug Poisoning?

Copper mugs might be safely used to serve Moscow mules. Most mugs used for this function are fabricated from a unique materials that eliminates any threat of copper publicity or toxicity.

Copper mug poisoning is simply doable with unlined copper mugs if the physique is uncovered to a considerable amount of copper. 

The US Nationwide Analysis Council (US) Committee performed a examine wherein they discovered that signs of copper toxicity appeared after consuming 30 milligrams of copper per liter and sitting in an unlined pure copper mug for hours.

To get copper poisoning from a Moscow mule, a visitor must drink a liter of the cocktail from an unlined copper mug sitting within the freezer for a number of hours. That is unlikely to occur, nevertheless it can’t be dominated out.

Because of this, some bar house owners could select to fill up on lined copper mugs for ease of upkeep and fewer well being points. Many Moscow Mule mugs offered as we speak are lined or copper-plated on chrome steel, nickel, or tin. 

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Signs of Copper Mug Poisoning

Young woman suffering from food poisoning

Copper is of course discovered in lots of plant and animal meals. Nonetheless, the human physique solely shops about 50–120 milligrams (mg) of it. A physician can decide how a lot copper is in an individual’s physique by way of blood checks. 

The Nationwide Institutes of Well being (NIH) recommends that adults not devour greater than 10 milligrams of copper day by day. Copper poisoning could cause many alternative signs, together with:

  • Abdomen ache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Blue, inexperienced, or darkish stool with blood
  • Headache
  • Excessive thirst
  • Tachycardia or abnormally quick coronary heart price
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Fever or chills
  • Sore muscle tissues
  • Modifications in style, lack of urge for food, or anorexia

Copper poisoning may trigger the next neurological and psychological signs, in addition to different critical well being issues:

  • Modifications in temper
  • Signs of despair or nervousness
  • Issue focusing
  • Kidney and coronary heart failure
  • Lack of pink blood cells
  • Liver illness
  • Mind injury
  • Demise

When is It Dangerous to Drink from Copper Vessels

Like with the whole lot else, there are some dangers related to copper mugs. All of it is dependent upon how you employ them and what you retailer in them. Listed below are some issues to be careful for when utilizing a copper vessel or mugs:

Storing Acidic Liquids or Meals

If the copper vessel shouldn’t be lined, the copper that touches the acidic substance could react and launch a whole lot of copper salts, resembling blue vitriol (bluestone), copper sulfate, and verdigris. This may be harmful as a result of it could actually trigger copper toxicity and different well being issues, a few of which might be deadly.

A few of these are pickled meals, honey, milk, different dairy merchandise, and something citrusy, like lemon, lime, or orange juice. 

Publicity to Warmth

When copper is heated, it turns into extra reactive and is extra doubtless to provide off extra copper ions when it is available in contact with one other substance. That is additionally why it rusts extra shortly, so you shouldn’t put copper dishes within the dishwasher.

Keep in mind to not put scorching liquid into it when storing liquids in copper vessels or mugs. For this reason Copper pots and pans are lined with copper as a result of it helps warmth unfold out extra evenly–but if the liner is broken, you need to by no means use the pot or pan once more.

Improper or Irregular Cleansing

Copper tarnishes over time. Tarnish shouldn’t be harmful by itself and might make copper much less reactive when coming involved with water. Nevertheless, it could actually pose a menace when the copper floor has began to rust and type a inexperienced patina (the results of corrosion). Common cleansing is vital to get essentially the most out of storing water in copper and as a security measure. 

When cleansing your copper objects, you need to keep away from utilizing harsh chemical compounds. Copper doesn’t react effectively with harsh chemical compounds or the dishwasher. Try this information to be taught extra about easy methods to clear copper mugs.

What To not Drink in Copper Mugs?

A man sipping a drink from a copper mug

Copper cups will not be FDA-approved for citrus and acidic drinks. Keep away from ingesting the next in copper mugs:

  • Soda
  • Wine
  • Beer (excluding ginger beer)
  • Lime juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Tomato juice
  • Gatorade and Powerade or different sports activities drinks
  • Espresso
  • Unmixed laborious liquor like Gin, whiskey, vodka, and brandy

If you wish to serve any of those drinks at your bar, restaurant, marriage ceremony, or birthday celebration, use glass cups.

Security Ideas When Utilizing Copper Mugs

It’s tough to find out whether or not a drink is wholesome and protected to ingest after being saved in a copper vessel for prolonged durations. Listed below are some ideas that can assist you serve cocktails in copper mugs safely:

  1. Serve extremely acidic drinks, like vodka, in a copper vessel with a food-grade interior coating, as all Superior Mixology copper mugs have.
  2. When serving a cocktail in a copper mug, the interior half ought to be nickel or chrome steel. The within silver lining could seem low cost, but it protects the contents from contamination.
  3. Make sure that the Moscow mule copper mug’s inside shouldn’t be fabricated from pure copper.
  4. Depart your drink in a copper mug for a short while, at most 2 hours.
  5. Drink your alcoholic drinks in a glass container if doable.

Are Copper Mugs Protected FAQ


Is ingesting from a copper cup wholesome?

UPMC consultants say ingesting from a copper cup gives no significant well being advantages, but utilizing these cups shouldn’t be inherently unhealthy. “Ingesting from a copper cup in all probability has no significant well being profit or threat,” acknowledged Michael Lynch, MD, medical director of the Pittsburgh Poison Middle.

Is it protected to drink scorching espresso in a copper mug?

A copper mug to your morning brew is suitable, however provided that you employ it with iced espresso. Additionally observe that the mug’s inside have to be plated with a protected steel for consumption–such as chrome steel, tin, or nickel.

Can you set Coke in a copper mug?

No. The Mannequin Meals Code of the Meals and Drug Administration “prohibits copper from coming into direct contact with meals which have a pH beneath 6.0.” Juices, alcohol, soda, espresso, and tea are a number of examples. 

Does milk react with copper?

It’s harmful to retailer curd or milk product apart from water in a copper vessel or mugs. Copper is more likely to react with the minerals and nutritional vitamins in milk, which might trigger meals poisoning. Not solely that, however the response may also trigger nausea and anxiousness.

What are the unwanted effects of ingesting from the copper vessel?

Suppose you’ve got been ingesting water held in a copper bottle or vessel for an extended interval. In that case, you might be in peril of copper toxicity. It has the potential for inflicting extreme nausea, dizziness, and belly discomfort, in addition to liver and kidney failure.


In brief, it is unlikely that you’re going to get sick from utilizing a copper mug. The one hazard is that your drink will change into contaminated should you let it sit for too lengthy. Thankfully, most copper mugs as we speak include tin or chrome steel lining when bought as a set to eradicate that concern.

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