Based on The Aesthetic Society, fillers are the second hottest nonsurgical process (neurotoxins nonetheless reign supreme), with practically 2 million procedures carried out every year within the U.S. alone. Nonetheless, as widespread as they’re, they’re nonetheless medical procedures that include dangers. Right here, main facial plastic surgeons share the highest issues you must by no means do earlier than getting filler to make sure optimum consolation and outcomes.

Keep away from Blood Thinners

“To attenuate bruising, keep away from taking blood-thinning merchandise reminiscent of Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil/Motrin, and natural supplements like fish oils, gingko, ginseng, and many others. for about one week previous to your filler appointment,” says Brief Hills, NJ facial plastic surgeon Alexander Ovchinsky, MD. Austin, TX facial plastic surgeon Yula A. Indeyeva, MD agrees, noting that alcohol and caffeine additionally skinny the blood. “I like to recommend for my sufferers to not eat alcohol for 3 days earlier than their scheduled process. In the event that they do have it, it can enhance possibilities for bruising and swelling. For caffeine, I recommend avoiding it through the three hours beforehand. Caffeine consumption proper earlier than filler will enhance sensitivity and will enhance discomfort with injections.”

Put Your Botox on Maintain

Scottsdale, AZ facial plastic surgeon Kelly V. Bomer, MD says, “Don’t get neuromodulator injections—Botox, Dysport, Xeomin—within the areas that your filler will go for 3 weeks earlier than the filler. The filler might trigger the neuromodulator to unfold, probably resulting in undesired outcomes.”

…And Different Facial Remedies

Apart from neurotoxins, having different in-office facial rejuvenation remedies accomplished within the week or two earlier than filler might create a difficulty. “Keep away from thread lifts in areas filler is to be positioned, because the needles might probably weaken or lower the threads,” Dr. Bomer says. “You must also keep away from facial remedies reminiscent of medium peels or lasers that trigger the pores and skin to peel or change into infected. The compromised epithelial barrier will increase the danger of an infection after filler.”

Schedule Vaccines Accordingly

Based on Palo Alto, CA facial plastic surgeon Jill L. Hessler, MD, you shouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine near the time of any filler injection. “We suggest ready no less than two weeks after a vaccine to get a filler injection,” she explains. “The vaccine can rev up the immune response and trigger a dramatic swelling response to the filler. That is seeming to happen much less as extra persons are uncovered, however nonetheless use warning.”

…And Dental Work

“Don’t schedule any dental work within the two weeks earlier than or after your filler injections,” says Dr. Ovchinsky. “Avoiding dental work prevents the unfold of mouth micro organism and an infection.” 

Cancel If You Are Sick

“By no means attend your appointment whereas sick, or in case you have an area an infection within the space of deliberate filler use,” Dr. Ovchinsky explains. “It will assist keep away from infecting the filler and all potential issues that will come up from this.”

…Or You Have an Lively Pimples Breakout

Dr. Hessler recommends avoiding filler injections in an space the place there’s an lively zits breakout. “This might probably unfold and an infection or trigger the filler to get contaminated.” Nonetheless, in case you are not sure and attend your appointment anyway, your dermatologist or knowledgeable injector ought to advise you both manner throughout their examination of your pores and skin previous to injection.